Request For Proposals: Implementation Partner for the Thriving Providers Project in Los Angeles County, CA

Home Grown, in partnership with the Los Angeles County Children and Families First – Proposition 10 Commission (aka First 5 LA), is soliciting proposals from organizations to implement the Thriving Providers Project (TPP) in Los Angeles (LA) County, California.

TPP is a direct cash assistance demonstration project for home-based child care (HBCC) providers. The LA County implementation site of TPP will provide regular, unconditional, unrestricted cash transfers to HBCC providers, specifically Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers caring for children ages birth to 5 years, over a course of 12-24 months. These cash transfers are leveraged to enhance existing or new programs and services for HBCC offered by community-based organizations.

Applicant organizations should have existing relationships with FFN providers and already be delivering resources to the FFN community in LA County.  

Responses are due via email to by 3:00 PM ET on July 9, 2024. Late proposals will not be accepted.


If you missed the information session, you can view the recording below.

Access the slide deck in English or Spanish.


Q: How large is the Thriving Providers Project cohort in LA County?

Current funding exists to support a cohort of 25 Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers in the LA County TPP implementation pilot.

Note: The cohort size could be increased if additional funding is secured by the selected implementation partner.

Q: How and by when do I submit a proposal?

Proposals are due by 3pm ET on July 9, 2024. They should be submitted as a single PDF attachment emailed to More information is available in the RFP document.

Q: Can I access materials from the RFP Information Session on June 10, 2024?

Yes, a recording of the session is available here. The slides are also available in both English and Spanish.